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Linx payment cards

LINX payment terminal



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The trusted card solution for dispensaries

Don’t take our word for it...

"After 15 years in this industry I have never accepted a credit card payment until Linx. Yes it took months of research and consulting from state and local officials to see how well positioned Linx was to not only enter the market but also hold their market share with their exclusive access to the gift card gateway. As the president of a trade organization in this industry I don’t just make decisions for my dispensary I research for a large proportion of businesses in Los Angeles. It is an honor to welcome Linx into the fold of an emerging industry that needs banking solutions and their services are a perfect match for our needs"
Jerred Kiloh Owner - Higher Path
President UCBA
Los Angeles
"LINX allows the House of Dankness to offer the convenience of cashless sales to our customers with very little setup and no technical headaches. The point of sale process is easy for new staff to learn, and the quick transaction time keeps the line moving fast during our busiest times of day"
Scott Reach Owner - House of Dankness
Denver Colorado
"Linx has proved to be an asset to our business on many levels. Since we launched Linx we have seen an uptick in daily customer count and most importantly a drastic increase in order size when a customer uses the Linx card. Furthermore, from a banking standpoint, there has been no lag in receiving funds. Technical support has been excellent when we have needed it. All in all, the system has given us zero headaches and has been extremely easy to integrate with our day to day processes.
Go Linx!"
Michael Chappell Owner - Silver Stem,
Portland Oregon
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Get a LINX payment system in your store

  1. Customer loads LINX card using credit or debit
  2. Bud-tender gives activated LINX card to customer
  3. LINX card can only be used at approved retailers
  4. Customer can now purchase all of your products with loaded Linx card
  5. Linx card transfers the sale value directly to your bank account via ACH
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Safer, smarter, simpler and 100% compliant

  • Complies with state & federal laws
  • Uses a normal bank account  
  • Complies with FINCEN and the Bank Secrecy Act
  • Less cash, better money management
  • Comprehensive reporting & auditing tools in back-end payment system
  • No software or hardware integration required
  • Earn more with in-store promotions & loyalty program
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Get a LINX payment system in your store

If you'd like an easy payment system in your store, or you have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you.

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